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ECSE:     Mr. Oldenburg  |  Ms. Anantha

High 5:     Ms. Romsdal  |  Ms. Burmeister

Kindergarten:    Mr. Yurecko  |  Ms. Nagy  |  Ms. Kuczmarski        Visit the Kindergarten Team Page

First Grade:    Mr. Smith   |   Mr. Davies   |   Mr. Orth

Second Grade:     Mr. Dunne  |   Ms. Jett   |   Ms. Wooten

Third Grade:     Mr. Jones  |  Mr. Gurley

Fourth Grade:    Ms. Hennings  |  Ms. Land

Fifth Grade:   Ms. DeMunck  |  Ms. Garton

Special Education:   Mr. Nilsen   |   Mr. McComas   |   Ms. Cassie   |   Ms. Iverson

Autism:     Ms. Whitney  |  Ms. Morris  |   Mr. Sutherland

Physical Education:     Mr. Bryand

Art:   Mr. Green

Music:   Mr. Leipold


Cityview Teacher Contact Information:

Please contact your child’s teacher for their Clever login so that they may access Dreambox Math and Lexia Core 5 resources from home.  If you are unable to reach them, please email Ms. Menard (Instructional Specialist) at

High 5:

Ms. Burmeister-

Ms. Romsdal-



Mr. Yurecko-

Ms. Kuczmarski-

Ms. Nagy-


First Grade:

Mr. Smith-

Mr. Orth-

Mr. Davies-


Second Grade:

Mr. Dunne-

Ms. Jett-

Ms. Wooten-


Third Grade:

Mr. Gurley-

Mr. Jones-


Fourth Grade:

Ms. Hennings-

Ms. Land-


Fifth Grade:

Ms. DeMunck-

Ms. Garton-


Special Education Teachers:

Ms. Cassie-

Mr. McComas-

Ms. Iverson-

Mr. Nilsen-

Ms. Miller-

Ms. Morris-

Mr. Sutherland-



Mr. Oldenburg-

Ms. Anantha-


ELL Teacher:

Mr. Hedenstrom-


French Teacher:

Ms. Chalmeau-