Login Information for Online Math and Reading Programs

Cityview Teacher Contact Information:

Please contact your child’s teacher for the Clever login username and password so that your child may access Dreambox Math and Lexia Core 5 resources from home.  If you are unable to reach your teacher, please email Ms. Menard (Instructional Specialist) for login support at  See emails listed below and the following directions for logging into Clever.

Clever Website (for logging into Lexia Core 5, Benchmark Literacy, and Dreambox Math) (contact your child's teacher for the username and password). See the directions below for how to log in.

  1. You can access Clever by going directly to 

  2. In the top right corner, click on “Log in as a student” 

  3. The first time you login on a computer, you will have to search for your school. Type in at least the first 2 letters of your school and it will populate in the dropdown menu. Click on your “school name”.  

  4. Click on “Log in with Active Directory”

  5. You will be asked to enter in your Minneapolis Public Schools email address (provided by your teacher), and click “Next.”

  6. Then enter your district password and click “Sign In”.

  7. Once you are logged in, you will be taken to the Minneapolis Public Schools Clever dashboard. You will be able access the online applications available to you (ex. Google Classroom, Seesaw, Dreambox Math, Benchmark Literacy, Lexia Core 5). Click on the application that want to use to begin. 

Teacher Emails:

High 5:

Ms. Burmeister-

Ms. Romsdal-



Mr. Yurecko-

Ms. Kuczmarski-

Ms. Nagy-


First Grade:

Mr. Smith-

Mr. Orth-

Mr. Davies-


Second Grade:

Mr. Dunne-

Ms. Jett-

Ms. Wooten-


Third Grade:

Mr. Gurley-

Mr. Jones-


Fourth Grade:

Ms. Hennings-

Ms. Land-


Fifth Grade:

Ms. DeMunck-

Ms. Garton-


Special Education Teachers:

Ms. Cassie-

Mr. McComas-

Ms. Iverson-

Mr. Nilsen-

Ms. Miller-

Ms. Morris-

Mr. Sutherland-



Mr. Oldenburg-

Ms. Anantha-


ELL Teacher:

Mr. Hedenstrom-


French Teacher:

Ms. Chalmeau-