Cityview Summer School

Summer School 2019

Summer School is focused on accelerating student growth through culturally relevant, socially and emotionally supportive programming.

2019 MPS Summer Session Literacy: Summer Session core curriculum includes Delta Science First Readers in grades K-2 and Seeds of Science-Roots of Reading in grades 2-5. Both curriculums integrate the teaching of science and literacy. Students learn science concepts and apply literacy learning strategies through hands on experiences.

2019 MPS Summer Session Math: Instruction is focused on students engaging in Guided Math groups, with emphasis on standards-based, rigorous, engaging meaning making learning opportunities where the teacher focuses on a particular concept, strategy or skill. Teachers facilitate this learning through hands-on, scaffolded conversations and intensive questioning (Math Talks).

Additional Program Learning Opportunities: Summer Session students engage in music, art, physical education and participate in on-site and off-site program field trips. All students will have access to technology resources to support learning. Classroom instruction infuses principles of Social Emotional Learning.

Summer School applications will be sent home this week with students. Additional hard copies are available in the front office and families can also apply online. If you have any questions, please contact Ms. Terry at 612.668.2270.