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French FLES

French FLES Program

What is FLES?

  • FLES stands for Foreign Language in Elementary School. The model is one that emphasizes learning content students already learn but in a different language. This allows students to simultaneously develop basic communication skills in the target language while reinforcing the core curriculum.
  • What makes it effective?
  • Literacy skills transfer between languages
  • Students tend to be more attentive – they learn to listen more carefully
  • It enhances cognitive and problem-solving skills
  • Many modern-day English words can trace their origins to French; students connect language similarities to build vocabulary

French: a global language 

  • Knowledge of French enhances literacy and acquisition of English.
  • French provides the base for more than 50% of the modern English vocabulary
  • French represents diverse cultures around the world.
  • It is used on five continents and in more than 50 countries, 30 of which are in Africa.
  • French is one of the six official languages of the United Nations.
  • French is frequently taught worldwide.
  • French is one of the most commonly used languages in the business world.
  • French and French-speakers’ achievements in literature, arts, music, environmental sciences, diplomacy and government, mathematics, and sports allow many connections to content through French.

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French FLES Teacher

Center for Advanced Research on Language Acquisition (CARLA)

The CARLA Institute is a U.S. Department of Education Title VI Language Resource Center, whose role is to improve the nation's capacity to teach and learn foreign languages.

University of Minnesota
140 University International Center
331 17th Ave. SE
Minneapolis, MN 55414

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3350 N 4th Street
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Main Office:
(612) 668-2270
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